For some reason or other i have continually gravitated towards the creative world. A few years ago i completed a finance and accounting degree and then worked as an auditor expecting this to dampen my urge to create but it seems that I am doomed to follow the steps my artist father followed and listen to the instincts.

At school I studied but not art, yet by year 12 I had started a fashion label based on my ‘art’. This was not oil or watercolor but best described as ‘arrangements of eclectica’.I would gather in an assortment of images and combine them according to an idea, a message , a color or some such moment of thought. So in between rugby games I did my creative work and carried on.

When school finished I continued on with the designing and expanded my fashion business to 20 outlets.

I did some offshore training for life support work on oil rigs and found it interesting.

Serious decisions then had to be made and off I went to university and the world of bookkeping and money. During this time tho I kept my creative side active and joined my father in an exhibition of paintings at the Gadfly Gallery in Perth WA.

Since then I have continued diddling and doodling but with oil paint and serious brushes and been looking at pelicans and other assorted life and activities by the beach that we humans seem to like. And i unsurprisingly really like myself.

It looks like I’m destined to head down the road of smelling thinner and oil paint like my brother and father.

So be it at 26.

For the record I was born in1985 in the month of April.
My school life was spent in San Diego USA then high school at The Southport School in Queensland Australia.

I graduated from Bond University with a B.Comm. in 2009 and spent 2010 auditing for Boral in Thailand.

With my younger brother Graeme and Dad.
My helicopter training

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