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Hi all.

Firstly it's great to see that the Wallabies have made it through to the semifinals- AWESOME. Secondly, I can't wait for the Wallabies and All Blacks clash next week- up the Wallabies!

Amongst all the rugby mayhem I have still found some time for the easel. I have started several 14" x 8" beach backgrounds and have been experimenting with different sky colours- mauve's, oranges and pinks (see below).

Here's a beach scene painting that I have recently started.

And here are the references photos.

The painting is about 50% complete and I plan to launch a full scale attack tomorrow to finish it off. I will be sure to post the finished piece!

Happy Painting!

I'm offically a blogger.


I can finally start posting and I’m looking forward to tackling the online journal world that they call the blogosphere. I plan to stay as active as possible on here and journal as much as I can as I learn how to paint.

This blog will contain mostly all art related issues although I must point out that I am a proud and patriotic supporter of the  Wallabies, Chargers and Manny Pacquiao. So brace yourself for the occasional sportsmen themed rant ……..Ok.

As this is my first post I’ll keep it predominately introductory as I plan to discuss everything in finer detail in subsequent posts.I have recently just jumped straight into the deep end of the art industry and it feels like I’m wearing concrete blocks for shoes. Fortunately I have my teacher/mentor who is also my dearest father to assist and throw me a safety vest when the water gets a little bit too deep.

The plan is learn how to competently paint Australian beach scenes- contemporary impressionism. I have already been doing a combination of these scenes for about 10-months. I am starting to find it easier and easier to paint pelicans and seagulls however I still get stuck on every painting at some stage which is normal I think?

Until next time happy painting.
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